Saturday, 8 April 2017

Zun Kye's Visual Text Analysis

Image:The number 3 covers most of the poster and is white, in contrast to the red background, to emphasise on the 3 million people TB that do not get the treatment.   

Colour: Red and White are used because red is the colour of blood so it is related to health. Red is a bright colour so it will attract people to read the poster.

Words and typographical features: The poster has very big numbers like "9 million" to emphasise on the severity of Tuberculosis (TB). The first line is one white to draw the attention of the viewer. The second line is in black to show the "darker" side of the situation which is that 3 million people with TB don't get the treatment they need. The last sentance," Help us to reach them" is a call to action to get everyone to help those with TB, by indetifying them and helping them to receive treatment. The entire poster uses the same font and font size to show that everything on the poster are equally important.

Layout: The information is on the right because people read from left to right. The "3" is in the middle and is the biggest to attract the reader's attention to find out what the "3" means.
The TB day logo is smaller and on the left for viewers to know which organization the poster came from.

Purpose: To inform viewers about the existence of Tuberculosis and to ask them to help to reach those with TB who do not get the treatment they need.

Audience: People who see the poster that may or may not have TB.

Context: Helping the 3 million out of the 9 million with tuberculosis that do not receive the treatment they need.

Culture: Viewers do not know about TB and be encouraged to indentify and help those with TB.

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