Saturday, 8 April 2017

Adam's Visual Text Analysis

The first thing to catch your attention is the cartoon dog at the top of the poster. It will mainly attract children's attention as it looks like a fantasy and it looks funny. The dog at the top represents children's imagination and fantasy. It demonstrates how children think that fantasy and fairytales are real, even though they are actually just made up stories. The dog at the bottom represents a perspective of an adult who knows that fantasy does not exist. That is why there is a picture of a "real" dog.
The white background makes the dogs easily seen and the text easily readable. The colourful cartoon dog makes the audience look at the cartoon dog first, and then, progress onto the next dog which is real. The colours of the dogs stand out against the plain white background.
The words "FICTION" AND "NON-FICTION" are underlined
Typographical Features:
The words on the poster are using the same fonts and seize. They are also aligned into the middle of the poster to make it look simple and easy to read.
The fantasy dog is at the top of the poster, thus, attracting more people's attention (especially children). The people will see the fantasy dog first, before seeing the real dog, making an impact on the reader. 
The purpose of this poster is to make sure people who believe in fantasies do not get so wrapped up in those fantasies and do not believe that it is actually real. 
People who believe that fantasy and fairy tales exist.
The context is to show people the difference between fantasy and real life.
People will not mistake something that is a fantasy and not real as something that exists.

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