Thursday, 6 April 2017

Simran's Visual Text Analysis

Image: This poster just has one picture depicting a melting polar bear with the caption "melting away" beneath it. I know the polar bear is melting as its top and bottom are curved like dripping ice cream. Although the picture is just a simple polar bear, the way it has been portrayed, it somehow has a deeper meaning in the finest of its features (eg. the border make it seem as if it's actually "melting" and its eyes and mouth make it look sad) From the picture, I can make out that the polar bear is sad and dying which highlights its caption as well. Not only that, below the caption, there is a link "" which leads me to the purpose of this poster, save the arctic aka save Earth.

Colours: This poster only made use of two colours, dark blue and white. From my understanding, I think the colour blue represents the water in the arctic and the colour white represents the polar bears and ice. The combination of these two colours somehow manages to pop-out the picture and words outstandingly.

Linguistic Feature (words): The caption "melting away" is very large in size and is able to grab my attention easily. It also relates clearly to the picture as in the picture, the polar bear is "melting". Hence, this poster's linguistic features are to the point and short yet can pass the message through to the reader.

Typographical features: The font type is matching the picture as because if it was something like cursive, it wouldn't have exactly matched it and would not show the seriousness of the situation the poster was trying to convey across.

Layout: The picture of the polar bear is in the top middle and as we look down, comes the caption followed by the website followed by the company that produced this poster. 

Purpose: It is to educate the members of public about the need to save the arctic and the animals living there such as polar bears. I think it is also related to reducing global warming as one of the reasons why the arctic is melting is because of global warming. 

Audience: Members of publc

Context: The arctic is melting resulting a lot of polar bears to lose their homes and die. The arctic is melting is because of global warming which is currently a world-wide issue that many countries are trying to reduce if not prevent before our Earth becomes too unsafe for us ourselves to live in.

Culture: When members of society read analyse this poster, they will think about how serious the issue of global warming has turned and hence will try to do their individual roles to prevent it.

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