Thursday, 6 April 2017

Hao Min's Visual Text Analysis

Source: (,800x800,070,f.u2.jpg )

Image: A white flower with a little red on its sides in the middle of many flowers which are either yellow or red

Colour: The white colour makes the flower stand out from the other yellow and red flowers.

Words: 'You are outstanding!' conveys the message of standing out of the crowd as the flower depicts the difference in colour which makes it special.

Typography: Words might not be in caps but the exclamation mark emphasises on how different the white flower is from the other yellow and red flowers.

Layout: The white flower is mixed with the other flowers but with the difference in colour made it stood out and makes it very noticeable.

Purpose: The white flower tells the audience that actually he/she is capable of something that would make them stand out but only with the fact that he/she changes 'colour' and shows his/her talent.

Audience: People who are shy but have talents, they either have not found out yet or found out but do not dare to show.

Context: To tell people to be braver and show others what you can do.

Culture: People will be braver and show people what they can do. Instead of being that normal red/yellow flower, they will be like the white flower.

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