Thursday, 6 April 2017

Hafiz's Visual Text Analysis


The image shows a goldfish jumping out of a fish bowl and into another one while the rest of the goldfish remains in the same bowl. It also shows an inspirational phrase above.

The main colour of the poster is blue. The goldfishes in the poster stands out from the background to show that the goldfishes are the main things that the reader will focus on. It also attracts peoples attentions as the colour stands out very well.

The inspirational phrase "If you want something in your life you've never had, you'll have to do something, you've never done before." It is trying to convey a message that

Typographical features:
The colour of the words are white which cause it to stand out. The size of the words are big enough to allow the readers to see. The words are also not in capital letters which does not makes it seems as if it is shouting. Thus, the reader would not feel offended.

The two fish bowls are placed symmetrically in the image. But the goldfishes are placed only in one of the bowls which will cause it to no longer be symmetrical. Thus, the reader will wonder why and gets attracted to it.

The purpose of the poster is to inspire people to try new and different things in order to achieve something that the reader have never achieved.

The audience are the people who needs to be motivated and inspired in order to achieve new things.

The context is to make people be inspired and motivated so that they can achieve their dreams.

People would be more motivated to try something new and different.

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