Tuesday, 4 April 2017

Christabel's visual text analysis

Source: https://www.pinterest.com/pin/410390584770796291/

Image: On top of the first ‘ME’, it shows a very polluted world. Cranes are ripping up the ground, trees are bare, thick clouds of poisonous gas are being emitted from factories and oil is dripping from the letters. It shows that the world is very polluted.
However, on top of the second ‘ME’, it shows a very clean and unpolluted world. There are big and healthy trees growing, eco-friendly machines such as windmills and solar panels are used to generate electricity, and there are even birds flying in the air. It shows that the world is very unpolluted and clean.
Both worlds are very contrasting.

Linguistic features: The main word in the poster is ‘ME’. The word is big as it emphasizes on the fact that the decision to either change or not depends on ourselves.
On top of the polluted world, there is the word ‘problem’. It shows that right now, the world is quite polluted and dirty and this poses a challenge.
However, on top of the unpolluted world, there is the word ‘solution’. It shows that there is still a chance to change the world and make it clean again.

Textual features: At the bottom of the poster, there is a short sentence. The first three words, ‘You started it’, sort of blames people for making the world so polluted and makes people feel a bit guilty. However, the next four words, ‘You can solve it’, gives people a hope that we can solve the problem, and make the world less polluted.

The word ‘you’ is used at the start of both sentences at the bottom of the poster. It creates a sort of importance of entrusting the task of saving the environment to us. It helps to motivate people to take up the duty and start saving the environment.

Typographical features: The first word that people will see is obviously ‘ME’, as it is bold, has a large font and is right in the middle of the poster. The words ‘problem’ and ‘solution’ are much smaller in font size, and the bottom sentences have the smallest font size.

Layout: The images are placed on top of the biggest word ‘ME’. The caption and text are neatly printed in a straight line.

Purpose: The purpose of the poster is to encourage people to save the environment and make it less polluted.

Audience: The audience is anyone who walks past the poster and happens to see it. (Unless they are too busy glued to their phones) After all, everyone has a part to play in saving the environment.

Context: The whole world.

Culture: Most countries want to have a unpolluted environment to live in.

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