Wednesday, 5 April 2017

Sara's Visual Text Analysis


This poster shows a picture of a light bulb that is lit up because of the firefly in it. The light emits only from the firefly, which makes this light bulb different from others as light bulbs are usually lit up by the bulbs inside. This image of the firefly in the lightbulb takes up most of the space in the poster so it is the first thing that catches your attention.

The colours used are different shades of turquoise, different shades of yellow, black and a bit of white.

The words used in this poster are "You light up my world"

The words "you" and "world" are in a larger font size and in a different font compared to the other words "light up my". The words are also all centered to the middle of the poster, just below the image.

Everything is in centered such that there is a balance between both sides of the poster. The words are also all straight.

The purpose is to tell the person who sees the poster that he/she is the reason that someone else's life is happy. (from the words "you light up my world")

Whoever sees the poster/whoever this poster is dedicated to.

When trying to make someone happy/feel appreciated

Everyone would like to receive such a comment from someone else as the comment "You light up my world" makes the person sound appreciated.

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