Friday, 17 November 2017

Christabel's End-of-Year Fun Pack Task 1

Q1. What is the main objective of the visual text? (Purpose)
A1. The main objective is to encourage people to take the stairs rather than use the lift.

Q2. Who is the intended audience? (Audience)
A2. The intended audience are people who usually take the lift.

Q3. What is the circumstances leading to the creation of the visual text? Where, when and how might someone see/observe the visual text? (Context)
A3. This poster was created as the source of fuel to generate electricity is being depleted and this could potentially lead to a energy crisis in the future unless steps are taken to save electricity. This poster is most likely found besides lift doors so that people can read the poster while waiting for the lift. 

Q4. Is the visual text culture specific? (Culture)
A4. The culture is that most people prefer to take the lift compared to the stairs as it is less tiring.

Q5. Is there anything unusual about the image?
A5. The picture shows a person climbing the steps and reenforced the message encouraging people to climb the stairs instead of taking the lift.

Q6. Does the slogan/text provide any additional useful information for the readers?

A6. The slogan is "Burn calories, not electricity" and it points out that by choosing to take the stairs instead, you not only save electricity and the environment, but you also burn calories. This encourages the reader to take the stairs as they will be motivated by the fact that they can kill two birds with one stone.