Sunday, 9 April 2017

Joel's Visual Text Analysis


The images include dirty water droplets on a clean water body. This shows that as much of the world`s water is clean, as much of it is also dirty and polluted. The poster is trying to alert us about water pollution and to get us to do something about the situation.


The colours of the clean water body and the polluted water droplets have a sharp colour contrast, with the clean water a calming blue and the dirty water a disgusting brown.


The words rhyme in an effort to draw more attention and convey its message. This catchy phrase can draw more people to the matter.

Typographical Features

The first two-thirds of the text are bolder to emphasise the point while the remaining smaller words are to discourage us from doing that.


The words describing what we should do are printed on the blue and clear waters while what we should not do is printed on top of the brown, muddy waters. This layout clearly draws the line between both points and shows us the information the poster is trying to convey.


The purpose is to encourage the readers to save water and help prevent water pollution.


As this matter affects everyone, everyone is therefore considered part of the audience.


The context is both formal and informal.


The culture is in the form of a poster.

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