Wednesday, 5 April 2017

Norman's Visual Text Analysis

Image: A hand holding an iPhone. The first word that catches our eyes is 'NEW' and 'IPHONE' which draws our attention and thus leading us to looking at the whole poster. The words 'NEW IPHONE' are the largest words.

Colour: The background colour, blue, is very contrasting to the texts and the hand. This gives a greater depth to the focus of the poster, the iPhone. The colours chosen are not dull and therefore, making it more attractive and less boring to read.

Words: The title, located at the top of the poster, is probably the name of a magazine. The words on the iPhone 'NEW IPHONE' are the first words that grab our attention. The words on the iPhone inform us on what the magazine is about, or maybe just one of the articles inside. 

Typographical features:  The font of the title, 'Mac User' is neither too simple nor too complex. This gives a little bit of an elegant look to make it sort of inviting. The words 'NEW IPHONE' are in a simple font and in capital letters which makes it easy to read.

Layout: The hand holding the iPhone is slightly slanted to give a realistic look. No hand holds a phone exactly straight. The hand holding the iPhone is also placed in the centre of the poster and is the biggest and only image. This makes it the centre of attention in the poster.

Purpose: To give readers and introduction to the magazine they are about to read.

Audience: Magazine readers wanting to learn more about technologically-related things.

Context: The people that want to learn about technology

Culture: Modern

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