Wednesday, 5 April 2017

Ethan's Visual Text Analysis


The first thing that the viewer would see is the big lightbulb that is in the center. The lightbulb is energy-saving.


The colour is mainly complimentary and contrasting. It strikes the words to the reader like how a lightbulb would strike light to a reader's eyes.


The poster has words that convey an important message of saving energy using the lightbulb around the lightbulb, keeping the important information to the center. It also has some words at the bottom to repeat their motto.


The poster has Caps to highlight or emphasise the important keywords. The words also guide the reader from the left, through the lightbulb and then to the right. The words are in a large font, which means importance.


There is a lot of space around the main information, keeping the eyes to the center rather than away from the important information.


It is to convey that their lightbulb is more efficient than others.


The general public that are using cars or lightbulbs.


To make the viewer switch lightbulbs to a more efficient one.


People would want to save energy and use energy efficiently.

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