Thursday, 6 April 2017

See Toh Annie's Visual Text Analysis

Image: On this poster, there is a picture of an older girl and a younger girl. Both of the girls seem very grubby and look like they have been living on the streets for a long period. Hanging on the older girl is a sale price board stating a price of 65 dollars. They have no belongings with them except for a pail, a cloth and clothes. One of the girls is wearing slippers, while the other is barefooted. This picture shows that the children are for sale.

Linguistic features ( referring to language ): The message in this poster is “Some things should never be for sale” The meaning behind this message is about how children should never be sold or treated as slaves. Children are also humans, and they have feelings. They should not be ill treated just for the sake of money and satisfaction of a parent or an adult. At the bottom of the page, there is a line which states “Let’s end child slavery”. This shows that ‘world vision’ hopes to put a stop to child slavery and hopes to work with the fellow people to do so.

Typographical features( style, appearance, or production of printed matter ): The main message “Some things should never be for sale” is evidently larger in size as compared to the other text on the poster, so as to portray that the message in is important. The words are in white and are against a black background. This design creates contrast so that the phrase will stand out even more.

Layout: The main message is on top of the picture and the left-hand side. With that layout, that sentence would usually be the first message which the readers would observe. The picture is in the centre so the primary focus in on it. At the bottom of the page are their aim and the organisation which created or supported this poster.

Purpose: The purpose of this poster is to discourage human trafficking and child slavery. The poster portrays that children should never be sold and the action of child slavery should be banned.

Audience: The potential readers would be the members of the public and the fellow people who happen to see this poster.

Context: The need to stop human trafficking and child slavery because of past incidents.

Culture: When members of the society are alerted of this posted, they will try their best to reduce these activities and would not encourage these. The victims would be more conservative and would not be willing to communicate as openly with others, after experiencing child slavery.

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