Wednesday, 5 April 2017

Zuhairi's Visual Text Analysis

The images used are a cigarette being chained. The images are big and take up most of the space so the readers' eyes would be on the cigarette first and their eyes would go to the no smoking sign as it is in red and red draws attention.
The colour used are very serious. For example, black is known for its seriousness, authority and power. White is associated with purity while red is used to draw attention. 
The words used are simple to understand.
Typographical features:
The words are all in capital letters to show the seriousness. Some are red to catch more attention. 'The Great Escape' is used to explain that not smoking is worth it. The small words are to describe the event or object and are sometimes useful,
The image and the words are equally distributed. There is enough space to not make the eyes go mad looking at the poster.

To inform everyone of National No Smoking Day.
Everyone who is smoking or anyone who comes across this poster
To stop the smokers from smoking
Culture: The year 1985, organised by the Action on Smoking and Health (ASH)

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