Sunday, 9 April 2017

Lin Hui's Visual Text Analysis

Image: This poster shows polar ice caps melting in the top half of the hourglass, instead of sand, the water from the melted ice caps goes to the bottom half of the hourglass, the water has submerged half of the earth that is shown in the bottom half of the hourglass. It signifies that we are running out of time before we are submerged in water.

Colours: The poster uses mostly green and blue, with white for the ice, and other colours for the buildings and cars in the city. The green is the earth and the blue is water.

Linguistic Features: The words are small but the poster captures people's attention so that they will go and take a look for themselves. If you look closely, the poster says "we are running out of time, act now before it's too late". The words are small but the message is clear and has meaning.  It means that we have to stop global warming before all the polar ice caps melt and our world is submerged by water, that would be too late.

Typographical feature: The words are small and so they make a person curious about what it says and thus drawing someone to read what it says.

Layout: Almost the whole poster is the hourglass.

Purpose: It is the inform people that we need to do something to prevent global warming before it is too late and our time is up.

Audience: Everyone.

Context: The polar ice caps are melting, increasing the sea's water level and submerging our world in water.

Culture: When people read the poster, they will understand that now is the time to act and prevent global warming.

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