Thursday, 6 April 2017

Hanafi's Visual Text Analysis

Image result for earth day posters

The first thing that captures the readers' attention is the words "Earth Day". There are drawings of flower/leaves patterns on top of the word "Earth" which represents flowers/leaves on the trees. There is also a drawing of the bottom part of a tree under the word "Festival".  The drawings of the flowers/leaves and the bottom part of a tree, together with the words "Earth Day Festival", resembles a tree.

The colours used stand out, so this poster might be much more attractive than other posters with dull colours. The main colour used in this poster is green. Since Earth Day is about demonstrating support for environmental protection, the colour of trees, which is green, is appropriately used in this poster. The words are white in colour and thus they also stand out from the poster.

The message that the poster is trying to convey to the readers is "Come Green Up Your Act With Us".

Typographical features:
The words " Earth Day" has a large font. This captures the readers' attention as they take up more space than the other words used in this poster. The reason why the words 'Earth Day" has a large font is that the readers, upon seeing the poster, will know what it is about.

The "Tree" in the poster takes up most of the space and below it is the information about the poster. Hence, both the "Tree" and the words below it is balanced. This will make the poster look organised and tidy. The readers would be able to look through the poster easily and find information about the poster quicker.

To inform the readers about "Earth Day Festival" and its information.

People who likes the environment and wants to protect it.

Encourage readers to care for the environment and participate in "Earth's Day Festival".

People would be interested to participate in "Earth's Day Festival" so that they can learn more about Earth and its environment, and how to care for it.

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