Friday, 13 January 2017

The True Me Poem (3) Sofia Pineda

The True Me Poem

My real name is  Sofia Pineda.

A name I wish to be called is curious girl because 

inquisitive and eager to learn and experiment are what I am. 

The animal that’s inside of me is a chameleon  because 

I adapt without changing who I really am.

The object that’s inside my heart is crystal-clear water because 

authentic and genuine is my heart.

The word on my forehead is desire because 

learning is my passion.

The sound that I love is waves crashing because 

the gem-blue rollers are inspiring.

The smell that I love is fresh air and earth because 

I feel one with nature.

My favourite time of day is sunrise because 

a new day lies ahead.

My mother always says to me, “Enjoy what you do.”

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